Lady Kingfisher

The belted kingfisher is just about everyone’s nemesis bird … I don’t think that I’m alone on that one.  As a rule, I think that I’ve seen them along the side of the highway quite often, however, as soon as I would apply the brakes … of it would fly.  Sure, I could sometimes sneak an image of them when they were busy hovering over the water, as they carefully timed their lunge for a fish.  But I wanted some portrait shots of them as well.

Towards the end of 2016, I got my chance.  By using the benefit of photographing from a blind, I was able to spend some time with this beautiful female belted kingfisher.DSC_6465-EditAt first, I was quite thrilled just to see her … closer than I had ever been.  The female possesses that lovely rust colored “necklace” across its chest.  I never realized just how beautiful they were with their markings in their feathers.DSC_6927-EditI marveled at her long pointy beak, which allows her to pluck small fish out of the waters surface.DSC_6842-EditThis gal was quit skilled too.  She used the entire pond area to fish from.  I found it difficult to follow her darting flight to and from her chosen perch.  I often settled for the shot of when she would return … fish hanging from her beak … as she would seem work it a bit to make the consumption task easier.  Such a feisty little gal she was.DSC_6856-EditDSC_6904-EditSometimes she would find other places to rest in between her fishing runs.  I was thankful it was winter, for the bare trees.  Of course, belted kingfishers migrate during the winter, so I guess it would be no other way.DSC_6735-EditBut mostly she had a favorite perch.  I just love the chestnut marking on her.  I never realized that it was so vast.DSC_6654-EditWe observed her hunt quite a bit, but by far my favorite activity of hers was when she would preen … it was all I could do to keep the squealing to myself.  LOLDSC_6587-EditDSC_6987-EditDSC_7096-EditWhat a great time we had spending a few hours with the elusive belted kingfisher.  It was an experience that I won’t soon forget.DSC_7469-EditDSC_7614-Edit

Next up:  More birding from Florida

© 2016  Debbie Tubridy / TNWA Photography


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