Glorious Colorado!

Last fall, Tom and I ventured out on an exploratory trip out to Colorado … more on that in a later blog.  In 2015, during the fall, we visited the Asheville, NC area just in time for the fall colors and we were hoping to get the same out west.  Fall colors are much like the weather in south Florida … if you don’t like what you have right now, just wait a few or travel just a bit down the road (or in the case of CO, change your elevation) and you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.  We decided to meet up woth a friend in the Snowmass area, which wasn’t far from our base in CO.  The colors along the road couldn’t have been much prettier._dsc1252After our arrival at Snowmass Village and a wonderful dinner with friends, we grabbed a few winks before our alarm went off at 2 am, indicating that it was time to get ready for our adventure to Snowmass-Maroon Bells Wilderness Area .. for some astro photography.  It was fabulous out there with the stars and the Milky Way out, but it was a bit cloudy at times, which challenged me in capturing the MW the way I had envisioned. _dsc7792Either way it was a fun time … freezing my butt off!  We stayed there until the sun came up.  Once the sunrise time was near, the place was filling up quite quickly.  Before I knew it, we looked like the combat fisherman I see on the Russian River in Alaska fishing for salmon.  LOL.  However challenging it was to not get other photographers in my shots, it was still worth it.  I mean, who could blame anyone for being out there for the sunrise show, right?_dsc1135Tom and I then returned to Snowmass and I took a walk around town – with my camera of course._dsc1153There’s something so special to me about aspen trees, especially in the fall when their golden leaves begin falling and collect on the green grass below._dsc1160We were headed towards our base in Grand Junction, but decided to take the long way home, which is incidently the more adventurous way.  The scenery was spectacular along our drive.  The fall colors were just beginning to emerge in the lower elevations._dsc1187_dsc1192_dsc1210In the higher elevations, the stands of aspens, cottonwoods, and other trees shooting up towards the sky were undeniably beautiful.  This was truly “God’s Country”, as they say._dsc1254Along Highway 133 we came across the Redstone Coke Oven Historic District, which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Enough said … Tom had to stop and learn about the area.  These coke ovens were built at the end of the 19th century by Colorado Fuel & Iron.  The town purchased the land in the early 2000’s in an effort to preserve the history and actually restored 4 of them to their original appearance.img_1993img_1990It was hard to push ourselves down the road on our journey to Grand Junction with such beautiful sights to see along the way.  But rest assured, there are many beautiful places to visit and experience in Colorado.  🙂img_1999Next Up:  Join us up on the Colorado National Monument

© 2017 TNWA Photography / Debbie Tubridy

10 thoughts on “Glorious Colorado!

  1. Debbie,

    Just spent about an hour viewing your photos of birds, bears, marine life, eagles and nature with my seven year old granddaughter! She shares your love of nature. I was surprised when she pointed out reflections or asked what kind of special camera you had to get such close pictures. Surely you couldn’t be that close to those dangerous bears!! So, thank you for not only entertaining us but being a wonderful teaching tool! Your photos mean more than you can imagine!

    Carol and Madison

    Sent from my iPad


    • That’s such a wonderful comment and means so much to me. To me, I share the images and stories to hopefully make others appreciate the beauty of nature and fascination of wildlife. It’s always my hope that something, somewhere, in what I share will educate others about why we need to do everything possible to preserve the naturalness of our outdoor spaces and protect our wildlife. Regarding the bears, lol, the polar bears are photographed from a small boat patrolling along the shore, but sometimes they swim in the water. The brown bears from Alaska are not used to humans “misbehaving” so they generally react to you being in their presence, as they would if you were another bear. They have definite space needs and if you are respectful to that, they don’t bother you. The same would be true for all wildlife. It’s all about being knowledgeable about what you’re photographing and reading their signs and predicting their behavior. Truth be told, I feel safer with them in the wild than I do out in the “human world” … for humans are much less predictable as we’ve seen all too often in the news. Overall though, all of the images are taken with long lenses and sometimes cropped, so they might appear closer than they really are. Nature always thrills though. 🙂 I’m so proud of your granddaughter for her love of nature and for you, in taking the time to nurture that love. Hugs to all. If you’re ever out somewhere in nature, and we’re around, I would love to meet up with you … I love seeing the excitement. 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking forward to hearing about your astro adventures! But my favorite image by far is the aspen trunks surrounded by fallen leaves. Gorgeous!!

    • The night shooting, as I said, was less than spectacular due to ever-changing clouds interferring with the Milky Way (and perhaps by my lack of skill too …lol). I too love the aspen trees, especially the fallen leaves. Thanks Jess!

  3. I saw those same leaves on the ground next to the same aspens and never thought to photograph them. I’ll have to pay more attention next time. Hopefully you and Tom will be with us and you can point out the things I miss! 😉 Great images, Debbie. Glad the weather and leaves held out for you.

    • LOL … I always find that happening … that’s the beauty of photography. Usually it’s Tom finding some rare bird that he just photographed because he was bored and didn’t know what it was. 😉 Of course, not knowing birds must run in the family … but I might be a chapter ahead of him. Thanks Michael!

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