There’s More to the Kenai Peninsula …

Continuing on with Alaska experiences from 2015 … we find ourselves on the Kenai Peninsula, while returning from Homer and Katmai NP & Preserve.  For some reason, we sometimes don’t venture over to Seward, but this year we decided to do just that.  Of the 9 years visiting Alaska, this would be just the 3rd time to Seward.  Our first was wonderful … our 2nd was a big mistake – 4th of July weekend.  Crazy, crazy place that weekend.  What would our 3rd visit bring?

We stopped off along the way at the Bear Lake Wier to observe the salmon as they tried to return upstream for spawning.  It was quite fascinating to watch them jumping up the rushing falling waters.  I found myself quite mesmerized by their will to complete their cycle, all the while wondering if bears would come check them out with us.  🙂_DSC3181Our arrival into Seward was quite a beautiful one, though it was a bit late in the day already.  We toured the Seward Harbor, a place that makes me feel oddly at home, since I grew up in the midst of all types of boats.  Of course, the mountain backdrop brought it home promptly … we’re not in south Florida anymore!IMG_0996While touring around the docks, I noticed 2 sea otters playing and feeding in the marina and ran (OK, made Tom run) to get the camera.  They were having such a great time swimming around and feeding.  They seemed quite used to company of the human kind and put on a performance for us.DSC_9385DSC_9362DSC_9409We made tentative plans for the Kenai Fjords NP marine tour for the following day, since they were having pretty good wildlife sightings of recent.  But when the morning arrived, it wasn’t to be … it was raining quite a bit and we decided to move on out.IMG_1003-3Along the way, though the skies were rainy and overcast, the area was still beautiful, so we stopped along the way for various landscape shots.DSC_6890_DSC3215_DSC3230We left Seward and eventually the Kenai Peninsula and started our way towards Valdez.  One more thing that we found on the Kenai was Phil Kuntz.  I just love it when we get to meet photographer friends along the way.  Though we had never met in person before, I have long admired his photography work, so this was such a special treat.  We had planned to do more photography together, but sometimes life has other plans.  We did however, get to spend some quality time together and a darned good lunch.  If you don’t know of his work, treat yourself and check it out.IMG_0987-2As you can see we began to get a bit clearer skies and less rain likely.  On one of our stops for a quick snack, I was admiring the mountain views and I could hear a small bush plane flying by.  How beautiful it looked.IMG_1015As we made our way along the Glenn Highway – one of the prettiest stretches of road in Alaska – the overcast skies, low-lying clouds, and rain started up again.  See, though it’s beautiful to have the sunny days, much of Alaska is actually situated in the rain forest._DSC3243A favorite sighting along the Glenn is the Mantanuska Glacier.  We usually stop and go glacier hiking, or sometimes ice climbing, but this year we opted for neither due to the weather.  Sure is pretty either way though … the combination of that glacial blue ice and the beginnings of the fall colors._DSC3258The weather actually didn’t know what it wanted to do, as sometimes along the way, we got that sunny and clear sky._DSC3271Sometimes, the scattered clouds also appeared, which is always a landscape photographer’s dream come true.  As we began our approach through Thompson’s Pass, the Worthington Glacier appears on the horizon.  Also a wonderful place for glacier hiking and exploration of glacial features, as well as ice climbing._DSC3316_DSC3327Yes, the surrounding area between Thompson Pass and the town of Valdez is such a gorgeous area… no matter the season.  Berry picking was in full swing while we were there, but I was too busy shooting._DSC3356

Next up:  More from Valdez … featuring my new marine friends  🙂

© 2015  TNWA Photography / Debbie Tubridy



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