Where Are the Alligators?

Starting off the month of May, I headed up to St. Augustine, Florida, specifically to visit and photograph the Alligator Farm.  It was my first time to visit their natural rookery, though I had been to Gatorland in Orlando numerous times in the past.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was also participating in a 4-day workshop there – focusing on the technical aspects of photography, specially metering, composition, flash, and post processing.

It was really nice being part of the class too, since we got an extra hour of shooting in the early AM, even before the “photographer pass” holders.  Good thing too, because it got more crowded as the day went on, as well as quite a bit hotter.

One of the first birds I encountered, as we were perfecting our metering skills, was this great white egret flying ever so gracefully overhead.


Being that this was pretty much the height of the breeding season, most if not all of the birds were “dressed” to the nines.


Look at those colors, that beak, that plumage, and that magnificent red eye!


The big instigator of the group was always hands down the antics and vocalizations of the snowy egret…. glub, glub, walla, walla.  LOL  Speaking of a display of plumage … how does it get much better!


Many of the birds, like this beautiful wood stork, were busy building or reinforcing their nests.  Just love the way this guy posed against that deep blue sky.


Of course, one of the most colorful showy birds in attendance, were the roseate spoonbills.  With their plumage in full bloom, they offered us varying displays of their beauty, grace, and uniqueness.


The reflections weren’t so bad either.  😉


Yes, take a bow, for you sure were the focus of all the camera lenses out there.  Whether flying overhead, perched up on the trees, sitting on their nests, tending to their young, and especially when bathing in the waters, they were the star.



It was like eye candy to the nature photographer and I was excited to see what else we would find along the way.  Oh yeah, the metering thing, I think that I just might have learned a thing or two.  All good!




Next up … More from the Alligator Farm  🙂

© 2015  Debbie Tubridy / TNWA Photography


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