Rocky Mountains … Canada-Style

It had been over 2-1/2 years since we had visited the Canadian Rockies and this year, I wanted to visit in the early summer versus the fall, to try to get a varied feel for the area in the change of seasons.  I had been once at this same time of year, but it was about 15 years ago.  So while Tom was still away on his cross-country trip (color me green LOL), I planned a trip back out again and boarded a plane to Calgary, where Tom promptly picked me up and off we went.  I arrived late at night, so I couldn’t see the Canadian landscape well at all, as we drove west to Canmore for the night.


The next morning we awoke and made quick time heading back out on the road.  We continued west through Banff and drove straight through to British Columbia and the town of Golden.  Along the way, we passed many miles of interesting landscapes, towns, and neighborhoods.  One of my favorites for uniqueness was a home found off the beaten path near Mount 7.  I called it “the original underground living” and I hoped that no one minded me sneaking a shot of it.


There were also country scenes complete with grassy fields, wooden fences, and of course, horses.


Mount 7 holds particular interest to Tom and so we drove up the dirt road to investigate what it had to offer.  See, on our last visit, we watched paragliders soar overhead for what seemed like a MUCH longer flight than Tom’s flight in Alaska near Alyeska Resort in Girdwood.  Though we never made it to the top, we still found cool stuff to photograph.


After spending the night in Golden and catching up on some much needed sleep, we woke early and drove to Emerald Lake within Yoho National Park.  When we first arrived, it was thick with fog and I was a bit disappointed.  Before long (literally within say 15 minutes) the tour buses started arriving and busloads of tourists were emerging, like ants out of a disturbed ant hill.  LOL


Trying to escape the crowds and make the best of the dreary day, we decided to head off quickly on a hike around the lake’s shoreline.  It was pretty wet and mucky, but the thick canopied trees sheltered us a bit from the rain, which varied in intensity as we encircled the lake.  Periodically, there were boardwalks over what must have been the more swampy areas of the hike.  At first, I was excited to see them, but soon I realized that they were quite slick and therefore, slippery.  Didn’t want to slip and fall with my gear!


At times, the skies appeared to show a glimpse of blue sky patches here and there and the rain would stop, but it mainly stayed a bit drizzly.  However, that being said, it really made the views quite spectacular, especially since the winds did seem to die down and the reflections were gorgeous!



Each angle at the lake offered something different … and each view was quite unique and pleasing.  Couldn’t even figure out where it looked the nicest.  All that I knew was that this wasn’t the same “Emerald Lake” that I had visited before and though I didn’t think it was possible, I think that it was even more beautiful.



I have to laugh when I recall how I pursued a pair of loons for quite some time.  They’re pesky little things whose moves aren’t easily predictable… well, except to predict wherever I thought they would emerge from their underwater swim, it would be somewhere else!  LOL.  Unfortunately, that is not a joke.


Probably one of the most entertaining things that I remember most though was the very active goings-on of the swallows.  See, we ate at the lovely restaurant at the resort and on our way out, Tom noticed a nest that the swallows were building – inside the restaurant mind you… well, at least inside that first entry door.


We watched as the swallows would make a beeline into the restaurant door when a patron would enter or exit.  Swosh!  Right over the head of the unsuspecting visitor.  We laughed, though the restaurant supervisors weren’t as entertained, and they took down the nest.  Outside, we watched the action repeat itself over and over … swallow flies out to grab some twigs …


swallow then goes and dabs the twigs in the mud …

_DSC0144-2 swallow then returns to “nest in construction” with its next round of building materials.  It might seem silly, but I had never witnessed that before.



Emerald Lake is full of beauty, outdoor activities, wildlife, and landscapes galore!  If you go to the Canadian Rockies, be sure to add it to your list!


Stay tuned for more!


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On a side note, this marks my 50th Blog post!  How exciting!  Thanks for your interest!


9 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains … Canada-Style

  1. Wow, congrats on 50 posts! That’s a lot of work. I love it when you post about your trips. It’s fun to enjoy the places vicariously through you!

    • Thanks Jess! I know, I just happened to notice the 50 posts! For me, that’s amazing … for you, that’s like a small fraction. LOL. I hope to keep it going for a good amount of time, like you. Speaking of enjoying travel blogs… how do you think I felt when you went off to Maine, can you say PUFFINS!!! Miss you girl!

    • Thanks Ian!
      There will be a lot more posts form the Canadian Rockies … and we’re heading out to AK again too!
      Sure would be amazing to get some aurora nights while we’re there. 🙂
      Just signed up for your blog posts.

      • That’s great! Aurora season will be booting up in another 4 weeks or so (when its dark enough). If you happen to be headed to the Fairbanks region and need some tips of local viewing areas just send me a message, would be happy to help out!

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