Palouse Region 2013

As I mentioned in the last post, there was a trip that I took in 2013 that I never fully gave it the attention that it deserved.  Being that it was almost one year ago exactly, I thought that I would go down memory lane and share some of the sights and stories behind my experience.

Before we would visit Oregon, I insisted that I would visit the place that I had dreamed about ever since several of my photography friends posted images from there.  I was so excited as we arrived into Spokane for a few days of the Palouse.

We drove to the infamous Steptoe Butte for our first glimpse of the rolling farmlands of the region.  I was pretty much speechless (a difficult to accomplish state for me) as I looked out.  I hurried to set up my gear and my tripod … you know, because the light was just perfect._DSC0569





What I didn’t realize is that the light does move around with the day, but it always seems to give such a lovely glow on the landscape.  The shadows actually helped to make it more interesting, varied, and beautiful.  I felt that I could stay there all day, night, and through the morning.  Of course, we didn’t but I sure took my share of images!




The actual Palouse region, which is highlighted by the Palouse Scenic Byway, covers quite the massive area … 208 miles of the most incredible beauty.  I wanted to see each and every mile along the way!



One of the more interesting areas within the region that we had a chance to visit was Uniontown, WA.  In particular, there was a place known as Artists at Dahman Barn, which was photographically interesting on the outside and fun for shopping on the inside – all while supporting the work of the local artists.


Eventually, we traveled over to Palouse Falls State Park, home to one of the most spectacular and beautiful waterfalls in the state of Washington.  The falls seems to come out of nowhere … and drop ~ 200′.  I wished we had been there at a better time of the day, but our schedules were hectic and we did the best that we could.  In addition, the skies were threatening with a nasty storm that appeared to be heading our way.


One of the more entertaining residents of the park were the yellow-bellied marmots, which seemed to be just about everywhere once your eyes became adjusted to their presence.



I knew that we needed to make our way out of Washington state and into Oregon, but I vowed to Tom that I would return to the Palouse again.  I think (fingers crossed) that will be in 2014.  🙂



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