Florida … Naturally … at Blue Cypress Lake

Where do I like to go within Florida … you know, to just get away from it all … and experience Florida, the way it used to be … the way that it should be?  I can think of several places further north in the state where “natural Florida” exists.  However, closer to home, I tend to think of a place where I can get away from it all … spend time in the great outdoors, with natural wildlife around, and see very little commercialization of the area.  That’s a rare find Florida, but I feel that way about Blue Cypress Lake.

Just off of SR60, in between I-95 and the Florida Turnpike, in the middle of nowhere (especially when you arrive well before sunrise) you’ll find Blue Cypress Lake, where hundreds of osprey call their home, at least during the spring season.  About a month ago,  Tom and I met up with Jess and Michael there for a morning of photography.


What make Blue Cypress Lake so special?  Well, one doesn’t have to look too far.  It begins with tranquility and the amazing sunrise.


The natural cypress trees provide the perfect backdrop for a wonderful sunrise landscape, as well as habitat for the ospreys which call the area home.


Early in the morning we found some of the ospreys simply sitting near or upon their nests – no babies in sight yet.



Many of them were flying around …



_DSC2996-2 … but eventually would head back to the nest, which offered up some wonderful opportunities for great landing shots.  Got to love the ospreys and their beauty, grace, strength, and most of all, their talons.




Yes, they are quite the fishermen!


There was also quite a bit of showing off for the ladies, as they continued to reinforce and “remodel” their nests for their impending new arrivals.


We could see signs that babies weren’t that far off on the calendar, since the nest was almost always guarded and sometimes we were able to witness the “changing of the guard” regarding nesting duties.  🙂


Then it happened … we spotted our first baby!  This guy sure was a young one, as it barely even had any feathers yet!  So cute!


Yes, the activity at Blue Cypress Lake was definitely picking up.  Lots of babies expected in the weeks, or even days to come.  Sure wished I lived closer to be able to check them out more often.

As we were heading back in to the docks, we found a great nest with two babies.  They were older than the last one.  Mom was in the nest and very attentive to their needs, as she feed them one at a time, of course grabbing a few morsels of the “fresh catch” for herself.


Just LOVE those babies and always find it so amazing how their eyes, so orange at the present time, will eventually change into the standard yellowish color known of the adults.


Hopefully we’ll find time to get out there again before the young ultimately grow up and fledge, as all babies do.  Which brings me to another thought … HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you out there that are mothers (whether to humans or pets)!


Until my next visit to this tucked away Florida paradise, I leave you with a parting osprey shot ….



© 2014  Debbie Tubridy / TNWA Photography






4 thoughts on “Florida … Naturally … at Blue Cypress Lake

  1. Lol, I was about to say, the only thing missing is a link to the GoPro video! That was too funny. 🙂 It’s always great seeing you and you got some beautiful images of a wonderful place. I can’t wait to go back.

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