Denali National Park … Re-Visit the Wild Side

As it was our 7th trip to Alaska, we decided that in 2013, we wanted to take things a bit more slow … to really set ourselves up to enjoy thoroughly an area … and we could think of no better place to do that than in Denali.  Not that one could even begin to scratch the surface of endless possibilities of adventure, but we wanted more time there.

Maybe the landscape and the fall foliage changed over the last few days …


Maybe the moose were out and about more frequently and closer to the actual rut …





Maybe we could see something different that we hadn’t before … or at least photograph something different or in another way …




Maybe get a shot of the northern lights which were know to be minimally active during those days – assuming the skies would clear up (a huge assumption) …

Who knows … but to me, Denali NP is all about the wildlife.  The quest to see and photograph the “Big 5″…. dall sheep (check), moose (check), grizzly bears (check), caribou (check), and the wolf (no checkmark yet).  At least until that second 5-day visit …


Now, put a checkmark on the wolf as well.  Not a easy quest either, since the wolves have been so threatened in Denali, as they continue to be in other areas and national parks as well.


Though the wildlife draws me in, Denali is also about landscapes, which are ever-changing, and the subject of the final Alaska 2013 trip blog post … watch for it!



7 thoughts on “Denali National Park … Re-Visit the Wild Side

    • Thanks! In response to your question, the simple answer is no. All photography was done from a safe viewing distance … most of the wildlife images are taken with a zoom lens as well. You bring up a good point though because I personally have great issues with those who photograph outside the boundaries of respect for the animal, safety of others, and overall common sense! Nothing like watching an animal behaving “naturally”. 🙂

      • Thank you for your answer, your photos are amazing! I’m seriously thinking to have a journey to Alaska next Summer, it won’t be easy but… I hope…:-)

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